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Starting Price: $750 & Up                                                                                        6-8 weeks*

50% Deposit Required






  • Remove Surface Grease/Grime Build Up

  • Clean or Replace Burner Feeding Pilot Lines

  • Clean and Unclog Burner Heads and Simmers

  • Black Surface Areas Painted with High Heat Resistant Paint Where Needed





  • Clean and Lubricate Valves + Thermostat(s)

  • Calibrate Oven(s) Temperature

  • Re-Insulate Oven/Broiler/Storage Doors

  • Check Safety System

       - Ensure Safety Valves are Operating Properly

       - Check for Gas Line Leaks

       - Clean/Unclog Pilot Heads

       - Check Pilot Generator “Fallout” Time

  • Verify All Lights, Outlets and Plugs are Working

  (We Disconnect the Clocks)

  *Clocks Can Be Rebuilt for Additional Charge*




  • We Will Make Suggestions for the Restoration of Your Stove

  • Replacement Parts can be Provided at an Additional Cost

       -  Only with Customer’s Consent

  • Cosmetic Chrome or Porcelain can be Provided at an Additional Cost

       -  Will extend turnaround time

  • Pick-Up and Delivery of Your Stove is Available

  • Loaner Stoves are Available While Your Stove Is Being Restored



*Cleaning and Servicing Turnaround Time is Dependent upon Current Workload Order



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